10 Top Smartphones in the Market

    Nowadays, smartphones have turned into mini computer screens for all the youngsters. Most of us depend on these gadgets for all their work in life. The mobile phones see the rarest of the technologies like 6GB RAM, 2TB expandable storage, hecta-core processors, etc. are turning into power packed devices. If you’re still thinking on which ones are the best smartphones in India, then let us have a quick look at the list of a few established ones: The list mentioned below are picked up price wise in the country. The smartphones will not only flaunt well in their price range but also in terms of its performance. These smartphones have the capability to be categorized as the best buy in the competitive market.

    Technology is of course moving upwards and advancing to the hilt. With that, technology is becoming super powerful and capable to achieve more in terms of performance. These days, the smartphones have DDR4 RAM which more than RAM available on a regular computer. Screen resolution of the mobile screens today are 4K, while a Tv set previously had it around 1080p which is quite low. The cameras are evolving very now and then coming close to the DSLRs. But, ofcourse they are expensive and may not fit most pockets. Hence it was important to list down the smartest phones in the country that can possibly fit all your requirement. These mobiles will be the right blend of design and performance.

    Here’s the list of the best smartphones:

    1. Apple iPhone X

    If we talk about Apple iPhone X, it is popular to adorn the best flagships in the year 2018. It’s the best in design in the so called trendy market. This smartphone has a lot to offer related to its performance due to Apple A11 Bionic chip and carries the best cameras of a lifetime. The battery backup looks improved over the last few phone launches. That’s in addition to the bright light usage which was ofcourse missing before. Another good element is the face unlock which is quite unusual and liked by users. One of the most talked about feature is face unlock on the phone, which works most of the times. Collectively, this makes Apple is the most apprised brand and purchased as well.


    1. Samsung Galaxy Note 9

    Most Samsung phones have had a similar look with very few variations per se. But Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is most likely class apart.  Some offered features are just too exclusive, forming the most powerful Android device one can buy. A tall 6.4-inch bright screen and S-Pen trickery, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is just amazing.


    1. Samsung Galaxy S9+

    If the screen size is one of your favorite criteria, then Samsung Galaxy s9+ will be loved by you all. This big screen phone brings together a 6.2 inch display and QHD resolution. The AMOLED panel is attractive and the Exynos 8895 SoC speeds up the device into a fast machine. Phones will big screens are generally narrowed down to users who love bug phones. In nutshell, this has got a gigantic screen presently in the market.


    1. Google Pixel 2 XL

    Display issues of Google Pixel 2XL was a major but Google quickly fixed all the snags. Hence, Google Pixel 2XL tops the best phones list in the year 2017. It’s “the” phone for the best pictures for a smartphone to afford. This phone imitates the DNA design of the last Pixel but looks much more superior in its build. If premium Android is your pick, then Google Pixel 2 XL will be the best phone for you in India atleast.


    1. Samsung Galaxy Note 8

    Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the best mix of features and body design. It’s quite slow compared to iPhone 8 Plus but then speed is not everything. This phone has the best ever camera and has certainly established its niche in the market. The design says it all, it’s also one of the fastest Android phones out there, with the flaunting display. With the amazing design, thin borders, beautiful screen, swift performance, a dual lens camera and what not.


    1. Apple iPhone 8 Plus

    With the famous launches of Apple phones, it’s always exciting to have another one up in the market. It’s not changed enormously over its predecessor but given the consistency, the new iPhone 8 Plus had to be launched. Its cameras already too much in the news and the speed of the phone is unmatched. iPhone 8 plus brings the best features of an apple through this phone, hence a value buy. Quality of the camera can take shots that you do with a professional gadget perhaps!


    1. LG G7+ ThinQ

    The packaged bundle of LG G7+ ThinQ has identical features of OnePlus 6. It’s just as sturdy and well designed in comparison to most phones in the market. LG G7+ ThinQ has a QHD display, a wide-angle camera and a Quad DAC for audiophiles.


    1. OnePlus 6

    OnePlus is considered the fastest in the market today without any dispute. Though this time around, this phone does not have too much unique features, supposedly called the flagship. The dual camera syntaxes are about average but the camera still looks good. Also its one of the best Android phones in the market, which is just not fast but also good looking.


    1. Asus Zenfone 5z

    Asus is from the beginning a price conscious brand. It serves the length and breadth of the audiences. Its flagship phone is price efficient and Asus’ Zenfone 5z the most affordable in the market. The Snapdragon 845 chipset inside a compact glass-sandwich body is quite outstanding. Zenfone 5z is also is high on AI.


    1. Poco F1

    Poco F1 is quite an amazing gadget. This one was a targeted flagship launch but then could not sustain the propaganda. The chipset, RAM and storage are all as great as the most powerful Android device. Infact, there’s an additional system to cool the machine to save battery life. It’s the most the value for money phone ever.


    The Indian market is desirous of budget phones from the past experience and market conditions. So obviously your buy will strictly be pre budgeted and there’s a long list to refer to. Most budget phones can outperform the prime flagship smartphones.

    The smartphones in this category will be in coordination with the budget mobile which are able to perform at par with entry level flagship devices. This above list of the affordable, smartphones across different brands are quite popular in the year 2018. These phones will fit your ideal buy in relevance to features, specification and build design.

    Today, Android i.e. Google is taking over most of the Indian smartphone market anyway. In recent times, many Android flagship smartphones came with 6GB of DDR4 RAM, equivalent to the RAM available on an average computer. While some may still be using a big screen Television set, the screen resolution in good phone have achieved 2K, and at places even 4K.  This is a huge technology transformation. Cameras are revolutionizing completely and competing for betterment with very new phone variant. All of this information tells us the plethora of smartphones available at the disposal.

    To sum up the best smartphones in the market can be categorized in a few specific bands. But the way it was observed was in the market purchase pattern of the consumers. Smartphones were always believed to be the high end products but that’s no more the reality now. Also, it’s no more limited to business users. Ranging from mothers to youngsters, business owners to oldies are using mobile phones which are super smart today and that market segment is extremely faces stiff competition. As an interested party, it can be difficult to find out who uses the intelligent mobile phones, but a few brands have been ruling the market ever since and some which are topping recently.

    No ‘one’ smartphone will ever fit the bill

    There’s nothing called the best in the market. Every comparison is relative and varies from one party to another. Of course, different people take it differently with changing expectations. Some people are found to be brand loyalists and prefer Apple as a brand first and a phone like iPhone 6s may just be appropriate. Others may think that Android is cheaper with better features combined together. There are also some people that think that a basic Nokia is quite ideal with a decent camera will suffice. Some may think that Samsung devices have a sturdy design while others may like the overall industrial cut of HTC. Ultimately, it’s a personal call and is very specific to individuals but all the devices mentioned can be easily considered.

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