Mobile Comparison: IPhone X v/s Samsung Galaxy Note 9

IPhone X

An iPhone buy is definitely worth it. This new release brought out a fresh breeze into the system. Most eagerly waiting Apple fans were elated with the announcement of this new phone in the market. It was called the iPhone X or iPhone 10. This has set about a premium standard for the present era of smartphones. Not only was the launch exceptional on Apple’s 10th Anniversary but it also changed the functionality of iPhones 360 degrees.

The design of Apple IPhone 10 is beautiful, and one more time users can flaunt their priced possession. The internal hardware of iPhone 10 is almost the same but the make looks classy. Post the new launches, it’s important to understand if iPhone 10 deserved a high price like it did. Once you start using iPhone X, you literally forget all other high-end phones used in the past. The bezel free, an all immersive screen is the kind of experience delivered by Apple today. Although, this trend was not primarily launched by Apple but it certainly gained importance after iPhone 10. The treatment of this feature was quite exemplary.

iPhone X - Latest Apple Mobile
iPhone X – Latest Apple Mobile

The cut out at the top of the Apple screen has been the debatable ground for a long time. Following the trend, many phones have a similar build. The most controversial camera phones in the market are almost disappearing. The cut on the screen differs in its size but not depth in iPhone 10 but ultimately it goes unnoticed considering its improved sensor technology. Everything becomes levelled after using this elite phone. That slight split in the middle of the status bar can easily be dodged until it affects immersion capabilities while watching videos on Youtube & Netflix.

When the first time iPhone was brought to the market, many applications were not supported by this phone. A long series of apps were relaunched to turnaround change in the display and become as compatible with iPhones as possible. Developers are incessantly working to rectify this bug but it’s quite time taking. The OLED display is tough to make changes to. The 5.8-inch screen has a 2,436 x 1,125-pixel resolution (458 pixels per inch) which is razor sharp. The color variants are mostly blacks and bright colors like most OLED Android phones. The best part about the true tone technology is that the lighting adjusts on its own with the amount of brightness outside. This is applicable both in iPhone 8 and iPad and changes the screen tint accordingly. This completely helps to the apple screen more readable. This is a top class technology used to build screens for iPhones and it does the job pretty well. This new phones all glass rear is identical to iPhone 8 plus the dual camera mechanism. The Apple ambassadors confirm that the front faced depth sensors and cameras covered a lot of space and hence needed an urgent change. Every apple phone looks sleek and classy. Many brands are adopting this style and pattern looking at Apple phones.

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The power button has become far more spacey and easy to press. This is also called the lock button and located on the right edge. This helps the user to switch off the phone and volume up and down as per wish. Pushing the lock button turns off the screen, and can also activate Apple Pay.

There’s no headphone jack like the 2 old versions and only the lightning cable can be connected.  Music can be played using the wireless headphones with the Bluetooth 5 technology or the dongle life with the included Lightning to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter.

The size of iPhone X can be a plus for the users since most Apple screens are small and not considered ideal for the money spent on it. It feels quite ok with its smaller than 5’5 inches screen. The iPhone could be comparatively smaller in size but we expect the next iPhone size to be bigger and better.

It’s the same A11 Bionic processor from the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus inside IPhone 10 too. Performance and interface of this phone is smooth, and changing to different apps is swift. One more time, Apple has been able to fulfil expectations of its brand loyalists and continued with its good quality product.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 latest Samsung Mobile
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 latest Samsung Mobile

Samsung has forever been into big phones. They can totally be accreditation with their imagination of a big sized phone. The first Note prototype was created with a screen size of 5.3 inches. This concept was hugely criticized but look now. Big phones are quite in. What sets Samsung handsets apart is the fact that Samsung comes out with handsets in all price categories for people with different requirements. This time around, Samsung has been out with a non-flagship product that nearly serves well with a new set of functions alone. The hardware and software systems are quite similar in all Samsung products. S Pen is the newest that Samsung can rely upon for bringing a tinge of change.

Today, Samsung is one of the companies that’s not following notched screens on the face which of course is a big hit. It started the trend of big screens and narrow borders. It has started to flaunt its big screen and curved edges making the build quite sleek.

The Galaxy Note 9 is a big sized phone and yet it’s quite complicated. It’s more squared towards the end corners and the back panel is very easy to hang on to. The weight of the phone is about 201g and the difference can be easily be felt.

The frame is aluminum and the front and rear panels are glass. The phone looks quite well placed in its own weaved design.  The cameras are smaller than one millimeter and there’s a module around the camera. The Galaxy series has nothing very irreplaceable. The screen is about 6.4 inches, compared to 6.3 inches in Galaxy Note 8.

In some respects, this phones has an amazing panel.

The most interesting part of Galaxy Note series is the S Pen. That tiny device was meant to position the original Galaxy Note as a smartphone, but the utility has better scope. With this new Galaxy Note 9 device, it’s quite stylish on that front.

Compared to the last year Galaxy Note rear fingerprint sensor has been moved to a more central position. The strange position of the camera lens was picked up by Samsung and worked upon too. But majorly because of the phone size, it’s still an issue. The huge 3.5mm headphones socket has been discontinued and the IP68 rating for water and dust resistance goes on. The Exynos 9810 is a powerful SoC used for Samsung Note 8 along with multiple Snapdragon 845 enabled processing.

Full HD displays and the Super AMOLED screen of a 1440×2960 resolution. The idea is to make a pixel density of 516ppi which is brilliantly chosen. The resolution can be adjusted as per the software requirement and step up the overall performance. HDR-10 video playback is the capability of the panel to play.

There are two color variants in Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The basic variant has 128 BG/6GB RAM storage while the other one has 512GB storage and 8GB RAM. The hybrid SIM design accommodates one SIM with one microSD card In India. Samsung infact plasn to launch its own 512 microSD and collectively 1 TB space.

A heavy battery not only took space but weight too of 4000mAh battery which supposedly should stay all day long. Charging in any form is available i.e wireless charging and quick charging. An extremely competitive speed of Cat 18 LTE (1.2Gbps up, 200MBps down on both SIMs is available. A dual-band Wi-Fi 802.11ac and Bluetooth 5 with high-res aptX audio support also make a part of this phone.

The iris scanner on top of the Samsung phone assures better bio-metric authentication instead of face recognition. Samsung’s intelligent Scan option uses iris and face in a combination. The USB port works at USB 3.1 speed (5Gbps) and the best way to use the USB is to insert one USB cable into the desktop. This one is a lot user friendly compared with the use of keyboard and mouse. On standby, you just need to use the power button, lifting the phone upwards.

Samsung’s heavily customized nature of 9.5 UI will make it all the more reliable. The S Pen is an increasingly demanded component of Samsung phones and most liked with the new editions. Samsung’s Knox encryption provides data security and privacy with rearranged settings everywhere. Also, Samsung Pay is now widely accepted today to ease out payment processes. One can run social websites and messaging in parallel. There’s something which all Samsung phones are popular for and that’s they are sturdiness personified.

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