Mobile Reviews: Xiaomi Pocophone F1 V/s Oppo F9 Pro

Mobile reviews are generally too descriptive in nature. Let’s take up some newly released Android phones. Xiaomi Pocophone F1 256GB & Oppo F9 Pro.

Xiaomi Poco Phone F1 256GB

The Poco F1 started with the splendid flagship hardware set-up but with mediocre functioning. Most of the parts, camera, design and endurance cannot be matched with other models in the same year of 2018. Though this is one of the budgeted mobiles in its league. Also an ideal choice for the smart buyers with a satisfactory phone in line. It has a camera which may not be as great but the lasting build is commendable and the battery life with Snapdragon 845-powered phone handset. The errors and bugs are still to be worked upon unlike mobile phones like OnePlus 6 or Galaxy S9.

A detailed review of Xiaomi Poco Phone F1 with 256GB memory

Xiaomi Pocophone F1
Xiaomi Pocophone F1

A disruption of another level can be created with this really affordable phone. Infact, a recent survey unveiled that a larger audience today is ready to shell out more money for improved features in their owned smartphones. Which is why, some brands are always marching ahead in this respect. OnePlus occupy a whopping 40% market share outdoing brands like Samsung and Apple.  It is doing extremely well in a hugely competitive market on the basis of its large customer base and reliability of reasonable pricing. The spread of information and loyalty is expanding towards OnePlus can be easily seen, primarily due the features for value concept.  It surely has become the most liked smartphone brand with its brilliant flagship performance.

Xiaomi needs to work harder to take on the OnePlus brand in its stride perfectly. A certain level of disruption can bring about all the difference in the phone and attached functionalities. The Poco F1 is the cheapest Snapdragon 845-powered smartphone at best possible price of Rs 20,999. This new breed of phones can help to experiment well and also ensure the investments are channelized better. The news is that this brand is hoped to do really well in the market.

F1 has the capacity to offer the best of the features and also establish itself as a premium smartphone. Enormous work needs to be done prove its capabilities in the market. This new fit primarily works on speed and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset. A good design and camera are equally important to someone’s choice for mobile phone. F1 has all the features including an amazing glass design, sturdy built, perfectly curved camera, and a very strong community of brand loyalists. This phone literally can be compared with Oneplus 6 & Samsung Galaxy S9. The price of this epic phone can leave people stunned for sure.

Highlighting the Design and Build:

The design of Poco F1’s design is different so to say interesting with polycarbonate used for the overall paneling.  No glass or metal has been used for the body which is generally brittle or delicate. This exterior panel is quite durable. The unit experimented with is the Armoured Edition that uses kevlar in place of plastic. While that may sound off for a bit but it’s a good engineering put together. All dents and scratches can be easily dodged.

The front and back panel are quite similar versions of the brand phones. The Poco is most likely holds an industrial logo. The color variants of red, blue and black are available at the moment in the market. The design of the phone is very contemporary and flaunt worthy. It has a focused target market. Brands like Mi and Redmi have sustained quite well with the newly introduced changes. Use of polycarbonate just changed the basics of the earlier models.

Oppo F9 Pro

Oppo F9 Pro
Oppo F9 Pro

The Oppo F9 looks quite attractive. Design of F9 is made of gradient glass back and the water drop notch to make the experience pleasant. The UI empowers the phone to look even more wonderful. But its performance leaves a greater impact to the person compared to the older versions. A lot is expected out of its performance and also from the way people view it. The Snapdragon 845-powered Poco F1 can be made available at a lower price while others are still pricey. People will like Oppo more for selfies which are considered flawless literally. The results are quite detailed and attractive too. This is the best buy for people who are photo maniacs specially the selfies. Fashionable stories can be inked well with this phone.

Today, people look at stylish phones and robust designs together packaged well. Designs are only improving over time and getting better and better. The manufacturing company thinks this is an absolutely amazing buy for the look and price. A lot of time was spent redoing the design and making it more tailor-made. All customers get a newer combination of color and display. It gives a good competition at the redefined price point. This phone faces a lot of competition but then again the competition can be treated well within its designated price range.  An updated version of ColorOS based on Android 8.1 Oreo and super-fast VOOC charging makes it way too demanded. This time it’s a dual rear camera and a lot of other newer features pooled together. The larger scheme of things have a lot to deal with in the same device.

The color options are Sunrise Red, Twilight Blue and Starry Purple. The most liked color variant would be starry purple. The variants look much alike to a diamond shaped pattern and this design is further enhanced. The color palette goes darker with every enhanced version of the brand phones. Also, some gradient colors are used in tandem with the metal rim holding the glass-sandwich design.The camera has some silver lining around it.

The glass is quite sensitive hence a case is very important to protect. A protective shield will only make it better.

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The notch of this phone water drop like and not a black band on top anymore.  Oppo F9 Pro’s screen takes up 90.8 percent of the body and that’s quite huge. The screen looks immersive with plastic feel like keys. Infact, the slim 8mm body easily finds space for a 3.5mm headphone jack. The design is the most impressive part of this phone and so people are enticed by its look at first. The screen size and the overall panel makes it look too edgy and noticeable. 6.3 inch sized panel looks sturdy and uses an LTPS IPS LCD display which is the usual IPS LCD panels. Screens aspect ratio of 19.5:9 and FullHD+ resolution. Colors show up nice and bright. Broad daylight shots come out very clearly and look excellent.

Furthermore, because of the new notch, it may seem like you’ll get a bigger display, but in reality, the content will be cropped in the shape of the notch from the side. So, if you’re trying to view a video, it won’t be that smooth and will have a waterdrop-shaped disturbance. And if even you want to play games, there are good chances that controls will be snatched too. Generally, this new notch doesn’t help solve real problems. It adds good build to the phone and ensures that it looks nice.

The design and the look are certainly new, but the chipset makes it all the more powerful and impactful. Oppo F9 Pro is the most media liked phone. The same chipset has been utilized in several other budget friendly and top led mobile categories. It’s a 64-bit octa-core chipset based on TSMC’s 16nm process and can escalate upto to 2.3GHz. This is ideal for machine learning tasks and more operational efficacy. Its comparable with Qualcomm mid-ranger chipsets like the Snapdragon 625 and cant be put in place of the Snapdragon 660-powered phones. The outcomes prove the same for us.

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